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Are you ready to join us on a classic, upgraded and free-to-play friendly adventure? Endless Chaos rethinks dead and outdated content and takes inspiration from modern MMOs. Register now and experience it yourself!

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Quality of Life

We have added a lot of improvements to raise the quality of life to make your experience as smooth as possible. Bigger UIs, more accessibility, automatic Gambling and a lot more for you to discover!

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Upgraded Classic Experience

Level Cap 100, up to +15 Itemplus, 30% cast, with all the content you know from level 110. Gain Accountwide bonuses after reaching the maximum level. Enjoy cheaper PvP, customize your build with new statuspoint bonuses or craft your way to level 100!

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New Features

Battlepass, Daily Logins, Capture the Flag, Offline Shops, Crafting, Accountwide Progress and many more new Features here for you to discover!

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